This is the site of Trinity Christian Fellowship in Williamsburg Ohio. Sorry for the mess, but we are updating our website.

Upcoming Events!

Health and Wholeness Teaching

Saturday, Nov 22 at 6pm

Medical missionary Jeanne Hughes, began studying botanicals and natural health as a young child .She attended schools that taught Biblical principals of wellness. Her workshops cover the natural blessings and provisions given to us of which we may not be aware. We were created by God to be self-repairing, fearfully and wonderfully made. When our life is out of balance, illness and disease come. God has promised to supply ALL of our needs! Come and learn to make choices that nurture your body and mind!

Below are Sunday service times. We would love for you to join us!

We are located at 3730 Cobb Rd,

Williamsburg Ohio, 45176

Prayer is at 9:30am – 10am

Worship/Sermon is at 10am – 11:30

Prayer/Prophetic words are after the service